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Why online negativity isn’t to be feared.

The thought of online reviews can scare the biggest of companies. The internet has given the consumer the power to easily review a business. The threat of negative reviews has meant many companies have opted out of social media and maintaining a strong online presence. Yet in reality if a business is not online, customers will always still review it. It is much more professional and beneficial to the business to have an established online personality. Negative reviews are just part of the consumer to company relationship. Believe it or not they’re actually essential to having a good relationship with your customer. We’ve put together reasons to proove bad reviews are that bad;

  •  Negative online reviews make you look more authentic. When consumers can only find five star reviews it rises suspicion that no company can be that flawless. By responding accordingly the reviews help build your credibility.
  • You can showcase your customer service for the whole internet audience to read. When other potential customers read your response, they’ll see you listen and try to solve problems with dissatisfied customers. Ignoring complaints makes you look rude and not interested in customer satification.
  • There has to be some truth in ‘all press is good press’. Businesses with more reviews (regardless of being negative or not) get more clicks than products with fewer or no reviews.

So, next time you get a bad product review don’t panic. Take it as an opportunity to reflect on your business and showcase your customer service. At Numagoo we offer a service to take care of business reviews. We alert you when there has been a negative review and can respond on your behalf.