#Use #hashtags #wisely.

The over use of hashtags can be very irritating. We have all seen the dreaded posts where every single word is preceded by a hashtag. These instantly look spammy and make people think that the user is not focused or professional about their business presence in the digital world. Whilst the never ending hashtags might have some success, it looks horrible and can be a real turn off for followers and potential customers. Therefore, the overall impact can be quite negative on your business and online persona. However, by using hashtags carefully they can amplify your message and direct it at your intended audience. Such as #business, #webdesign and #bizitalk, these are all successful and if used in selected Tweets can really have a great impact in getting messages to a much wider audience. Hashtags are now being used in other social platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. So, it is important to know when you would benefit from a hash tag and when they can in fact loose you followers.  At Numagoo we can monitor your twitter account so that you do no have to worry about when hashtags are appropriate, or not.

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