3 Excellent Reasons for Bidding on Your Own Brand Terms

If your online marketing is lacking at the moment and you’re looking for that little secret you can pull out of the bag when performance drops, bidding on your own brand terms may just actually help you.

Perhaps you’re worried that paid ads will hinder your organic search results, or that you can’t really justify spending money on selected brand keywords when you already have a natural flow of traffic, but could bid on your own brand terms increase that? There’s really only one way to find out, but so far, most people who have tried it have reported significant increases in overall performance, which can only be a good thing.

Here are the top 3 reasons you should be bidding on your own brand terms:

Your competitors may be stealing your traffic

If you search for your company name or something related to your company in Google, what comes up first? Is it your company? Is it a page on your company website? If not, and you find a different company is above you in the SERP’s or listed in the AdWord ads, chances are they’re already bidding on your brand and are currently winning. They’ll probably be stealing a large amount of your traffic because most people will click on the top search result that comes up in Google.

Brand terms specific to you will be easy on your wallet

It may sound silly, but it might be an idea to bid on and secure those cheap keywords that have a high search volume that are specific to you. You could bid on your own company name or specific products relating to your company. If you can secure these keywords and bid the highest for them, you’re sure to be at the top of that Google results page and the first click available to those who have searched that keyword.

You could be dominating the SERP’s with your own brand terms

Wouldn’t it be great if instead of one link to your site on a Search Results page, there were many? Bidding on your own brand terms could achieve that. After all, having your site listed in Organic, Paid and Local results can take up more real estate and make your brand more visible than your competition. Bidding on and securing as many keywords as possible that relate to your site and brand could convert directly into clicks, sales or unique visitors which, in turn, will only help your site reputation both with searchers and Google.

If you want to be a strong competitor in your field, and stop rivals from stealing your thunder, you need to rank as high as possible when someone searches for your company or anything related to your company for that matter. Beating off your competitors may not be as difficult or costly as you might think.

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