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Digital Marketing Done Right

Nothing in a successful business exists in isolation. This goes double for digital marketing. You have to mix it up to make an impact.

Our approach to digital strategy is full-spectrum: If it’s digital, we do it. But only if it benefits your business.

We think that Google and Facebook are Rich Enough.

In true Northern style we are fiercely protective of our client’s budgets. We don’t spend money where there isn’t an ROI and we don’t chase traffic that doesn’t convert. We learn your business and your customers and focus our efforts on cutting through the noise to deliver high-quality traffic to key touch-points.

Digital in 4D

We approach digital in 4D. We consider every element of the marketing mix to be inextricably woven together.

We make sure we can see your digital delivery from every angle and then, because we know that strategy never stops and Google can (and will) change everything overnight, we make sure your strategy shifts seamlessly over time and the ever-changing online space.

We don’t believe in one-trick ponies

Our performance marketers are multichannel specialists. Unlike a traditional agency, we don’t have delivery teams that only see ‘their part of the puzzle’. Every member of our team is cross-skilled so they can see the bigger picture and use the data from every channel to improve it.

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Tell Us What You Want Your Picture to Look Like

If you want your website to work harder for you, you are in the right place.

We take a partnership approach to performance marketing and it starts with a conversation about where your business is right now and where you want it to be a year from now. If you are ready for growth, let’s have that conversation today.

Time to Talk About Growth