Ten Reasons Why Website Visitor Tracking Software Can Enhance Your Business Performance

Ten Reasons

  • B2B Website visitor tracking is becoming increasingly popular for companies looking to add value for sales and marketing in a world where digital marketing and online presence are so vital for success.
  • Many organisations will incorporate Google Analytics and do business with those that get in touch with them directly.
  • But when you consider that around 95% of your daily website visitors will leave your site having not made contact with you, it places you in a restricted position where you have the insight that there are lots of companies exploring your service, but you’ve got no actionable leads to follow-up with.
  • Here are ten reasons why using a platform which can identify the companies coming onto your website and displaying their journey, can enhance your business’ performance going forward.


1 – Additional leads

  • Most obviously, website visitor tracking software is going to provide you with additional leads which you would never have been able to access otherwise.
  • These leads may be of all different qualities and strengths but it is more opportunities for your sales team members to work with and monitor, which can only be a positive aspect.
  • Coming onto the dashboard every morning and approaching the companies whose metrics appear to be showing lively activity is a simple but extremely effective way to instigate new business.


2 – Monitor leads in your sales process

  • Alternatively to leads which you would never have had, the leads which you are attempting to progress through your funnel can also be tracked using a website visitor software to identify when they are returning to your site for further inspection.
  • By setting a trigger alert on a specific company, or by adding them to a custom category, you can see exactly when they are visiting, which pages they have looked at and for how long they might have been browsing. This can be for any page such as pricing, billing or particular products/services. Therefore you can instinctively get a feel for when a follow-up might be most appropriate.


3 – Automation

  • The beauty of website visitor tracking software is that many of the benefits are automated, saving you time to work on separate projects and tasks until the vital moment.
  • All data is real-time and automatically filtered into an organised dashboard, and once you have set up you customised triggers and categories, the system will structure the relevant instructions without your intervention for ultimate convenience.


4 – Demographical insights

  • The demographical insights from website visitor tracking can be amazingly useful for discovering new markets and areas which you can include in your ideal customer profile or monthly reports.
  • Seeing that you are receiving frequent website visits and interest from a certain country can qualify that it might be worthwhile intensifying your marketing output in that region.


5 – Learn more about your website performance

  • You will be able to see which pages are getting strong quantities of traffic and those which are not. Therefore you can take the action to improve the visualisation of the underperforming page in order to increase interaction.


6 – Align your sales and marketing departments

  • Website visitor tracking software can act as a hub for both your sales and marketing departments to feed from and work off. It offers value for each and information can be gathered, discussed and new direction planned from there.


7 – See your competition movements

  • Website visitor tracking tools will enable you to watch your competition’s movements on your website.
  • This might give you an idea into what they are planning for their next move or it can just be nice to know they are checking you out because you are a threat to them.
  • By setting a trigger to their business, you will see all of their activity going forward on your site and be informed of their instant arrival on any landing page which you choose.


8 – Enhance your marketing campaign results

  • You can add value to all of your marketing campaigns by putting a business name to the traffic which derives from it. Especially your paid marketing efforts. You are able to collect a genuine contact rather than empty traffic numbers which may or may not convert. You now have the option to follow up or continue to market in their direction.


9 – Data reporting

  • Having a report of visiting companies available for monthly or weekly reports can be a vital piece of data. And, of course, these can be customised to your exact needs and requirements.
  • A Zapier integration allows you to sync into 100’s of everyday tools meaning your website visitor tracking data is far more conveniently used and adaptable to the way in which you work. Data reporting and sales processing could not be easier.


10 – Amazing ROI

  • With the price at which is charged for access to website visitor tracking software, when used correctly and efficiently, you will comfortably receive a return on your investment, month after month. Long-term proving to be a worthwhile tool for business success.


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