click to call button

The Value of the Click to Call Button

Even with advancements in technology such as apps on your smartphone to find the best place to eat, drink or shop, it is still better to speak with a live person who can answer your questions in real time. Live phone calls are still the most used channel for researching and purchasing, with tons of mobile searchers telling us that they tap or click a call a number directly from search results in order to connect with a business. As a crucial part of today’s business market, it is very important to understand when, how and why consumers use the simple click to call button feature that we have come to know and love.

Customers rely on calls for research and transactions

Click to call is important to customers and clientele across all business platforms. For example, whether you are looking for travel agents, restaurants, auto services, shopping malls or a place to buy a new phone, click to call is an extremely important feature for people who are trying to locate information and/or make a purchase. Customers rely on calls for research and transactions. Calls commencing from the search results page are extremely valuable for businesses of all types. Research suggests that most of the calls produced by mobile search ads are not hasty informational calls, but instead are more functional research or business calls.

Improve the efficiency of advertising with a click to call button

Adding click to call can also improve the efficiency of an ad, whether it is due to clients feeling more positive about your business or because of the superior size of the ad due to the added call button. On average, advertisers who use AdWords that carry the click to call button see an increase in click rates of their ads. The call button also helps to influence brand perception. The power to call a business directly from the search results not only makes the consumer feel more in control, but also helps to encourage a purchase. It is also an important factor in the opinion of a brand or business.

Furthermore, brands and businesses should calculate and give value to the calls brought on by their advertising. Using AdWords, businesses can now gauge calls as conversions allowing them to assign worth and importance to calls that their ads drive.

If you are not using click to call in your online advertising you will be losing significant business because you can be sure that more savvy competitors will be.   With over 40 million calls generated by Google ads each month can you afford not to include a click to call button in your online marketing campaigns?

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