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Why content is crucial.

18th November 2013 Posted by numagoo

Web content is crucial for any business to succeed online. Crisp, well written and interesting content will engage your customers, attract search traffic and help build your businesses reputation. It gives people information that helps solve their problem, it also creates a clear character of your company. The more relevant content, the more the customer knows and therefore, more likely to buy from the company.Content pulls your knowledge together and makes it easily accessible to your customers. Every business carries a wealth of information in their heads. Turning this into web content and publishing it makes it tangible and available to your potential clients. Sharing tips can be the start of a conversation with someone who will go on to be a loyal customer. All companies want to appear high on search engines and content helps in doing that. Publishing regularly will result in more visits and then you’ll find your rankings start to improve. Also, content links into the marvellous world of social media. You can either repost your own blog entries or you may find people start reblogging your posts – adding to your reputation in the business. Content is an investment in your site that keeps bringing visitors month after month. A blog post from 3 years ago can still bring visitors to your site.

We understand that ‘content’ can be a scary word to an inexperienced writer. Many companies feel they do not have the right staff or time to produce high quality content. Here at Numagoo we have a qualified content writer who can firstly populate your site with text and secondly, write your blog. Companies simply tell us reviews, updates, news and we create the information into interesting and professional blog posts. The blog can be updated as often as the company wants. If you’re interested in this and would like to chat to us contact us via the contact tab or call 0161 639 0225. Or, of course find us at twitter @numagoo or facebook search Numagoo.