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How websites help businesses.

30th September 2013 Posted by numagoo

A website is much more than just a marketing tool, it can help you run your business more efficiently, and help you save money.  Businesses have to think of websites as a single dashboard to manager all areas of your business. Here are a list of simple and effective managament tools to improve your business processes:

E-mail marketing tool- Simple e-mail marketing tool that is integrated with your customer contacts will enable you to communicate with your customers promptly and very cost-effectively. This will eliminate printing and postage expenses as well as the time and hassle of sending letters by post.

Bespoke contact forms- This allows you to go one step further than traditional online forms and promt customers to ask questions. The contact tab is an easy way to communicate with customers and can generate more sales and interests.

Booking- Bookings can be managed through your websites dashboard. A book system would alert you when your customers have booked your services. Its far more cost-effective than having to hire administrative help to handle booings and its more secure than using paper appointments book.

Videos- How to or event videos on your website gives customers self service answers and an insight into your company. It is also using another mode of media to promote your company on the internet.

Portfolio- Websites are a great place to show off your business. You can showcase your skills and experience through past work. This eliminates the need to print expensive brochures.  You can include a blog to discuss what is happening at your company and keep engaging with your customers. A web-based portfolio can also be kept up-to-date at no cost and easily shared with a wider target audience.

If you are interested in changing your website to make sure your getting the most out of it, contact us via the contact tab. We’d love to hear from you.