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Why businesses need social media.

26th September 2013 Posted by numagoo

Social media is not just a social platform it has influence over businesses and advertising. It’s power over the customer should not be ignored, here are some reasons why businesses should get on board.

  1. Social media takes businesses back to personal interaction that we used to have.
  2. Communication between the customer and business is easier and more immediate.
  3. Customers can rely on the company and therefore keep returning with their custom.
  4. Increasingly, we are using social media to communicate with local businesses. Commenting on their customer services, the quality of their product and recommending them to our friends.
  5. Social media can generate free advertising through ‘likes’, mentions, and check-ins.
  6. Every engagement with a customer extends rich business information, even a photograph taken by a customer is positive for the company. This can tell the restaurant name and link to location page, menus and specials and online reviews.
  7. Many people use facebook to find out where is good to eat and buy things locally
  8. Businesses that understand how social media works can have a competitive advantage.

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