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Whit Friday in Saddleworth

23rd May 2013 Posted by numagoo

Tomorrow is Whit Friday in Saddleworth, a very exciting and much anticipated (by us anyway) local event.

Many see it as an excuse to drink, eat, sit in fields listening to brass bands and, more importantly, have a day off work. But we thought we’d take a minute to try and understand what the historic event actual means, and why Whit Friday in Saddleworth happens.

Band contests have taken place since 1884, originally based in Uppermill, Stalybridge and Mossley (the home of Numagoo HQ!)

Whit Friday, meaning White Friday, is the name given to the first Friday after Pentecost. The day has a cultural significance in Saddleworth as the day on which the traditional annual Whit Friday Brass band contests are held in the eastern areas of Greater Manchester, in North West England.

Whit Friday attracts thousands of people to the Saddleworth area, whether to play music in the bands, be a part of the Whit walks or to just spectate and enjoy the day.

Every year is the same worry though…will it rain?!! Last year was perfect and sunny, lets hope it’s just as kind this year!