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What Does Your Brand Colour Mean?

1st September 2017 Posted by numagoo

Keeping someone on your website after the first few seconds of them landing there is hard! They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but the truth is- we do!

If we’re not impressed by what we see when we land on a website we will be straight back off again in one simple click. Appearance is everything.

There are lots of psychological effects behind every colour and tone,  stimulating emotions and senses. A colour can make someone feel happy, sad, tranquil, excited, hungry, thirsty- so picking the right one to satisfy your target audience is vital.

What does each colour mean…?

 Black- Elegant, sophisticated, formal, strong, mysterious, powerful, intelligent.

White- Pure, clean, new, innocent, simple, truthful, peaceful.

Red- Powerful, dynamic, energetic, romantic, passionate, commanding, eye-catching.

Orange- Welcoming, active, exciting, inspiring, helpful, friendly, stimulating.

Yellow- Happy, creative, bright, lively, confident

Green- Reliable, safe, honest, patient, natural, adventurous, relaxed.

Blue- Peaceful, formal, trustworthy, reliable, firm, determined, educated, clean.

And what about pink like NUMAGOO…? Pink is the universal colour of Love and caring. Red represents passion and fire of love, while pink is the more romantic and charming side. Hot pink conveys energy, fun and excitement!

Contact Numagoo, we are caring, passionate, charming and fun!