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Want SEO – Get Social!

27th November 2013 Posted by numagoo

Social Media has not only created a completely new medium for discovering content, it is also transforming how the traditional information sources are delivering content to us. Recent research suggests that social sharing has now become the number one driver for SEO ranking. To explain it in other words, Google and Bing are monitoring the social sharing activity for each site and are assigning substantial weight on that activity to determine the search rank. In 2013 Google discussed their clear shift in SEO ranking in favour of social sharing. The highlighted text below shows Google encouraging businesses to create high-quality sites that users will want to share. This is a clear shift from 2012 when they advised customers to create high-quality sites that other high-quality sites will want to link to.

In short, it’s time to stop creating content to please search engines and start creating content that real users find interesting and would want to share. Also, give your readers a reason to want to share your content, for example, 10% off products is a tried and tested technique. If you want SEO, it’s time to get social.