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The Secrets of Today’s Marketing

31st October 2013 Posted by numagoo

The ongoing impact of the internet and social media on marketing is frankly fascinating to watch. The way we shop, communicate, do business, find love, watch television has been transformed by the digital revolution.

The change has come about in the last 15 years, which is very little time for such massive changes. Due to the power of digital happening so quickly, it comes as no surprise that many brands are still pushing out the same press releases and booking advertising space and then wondering why they’re not getting a worthy return.

There are now two key things to successful marketing. Content and conversation. It has become less about advertising in the press, such tactics worked wonders in the past but now it’s more likely to be skimmed over. It is not about trying to hard sell, customers don’t appreciate companies over facing them with deals and ‘must buys’, it appears desperate. It’s not even about traditional PR because that is becoming weaker. The truth of the matter people simply are not buying newspaper and magazines like they use to.

It might seem like an odd marketing strategy but content and conversation are the driving force behind many companies success. Instead of spending loads of money on advertising, simple well-crafted content can build your audience and a great way to converse with customers. Just simply consider what is interesting about your brand, what would make great blog posts and tweets. Find a voice in your company which can converse with your customers without sounding like an advert.

Stop worrying about advertising, sales and traditional PR and start speaking to your customers. Make your company a community with interesting relevant content. Be part of today’s marketing.