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The Secrets of Successful Website Content.

17th March 2014 Posted by numagoo

Experts say that the majority of people only finish 65% of an article and thats only if it was interesting. Anything over 300 words can make people lose interest and a waste of your time. Simply, we’ve found less is more when it comes to website content. Simplicity is also key, don’t over complicate your point. You want to be able to appeal to the masses, you want everyone to be able to get the gist of your website and business. Make sure you get right to the point. Don’t take 5 pages to sell a customer what they already want. Be precise, repeated and long winded content does not come across as quality content. Its easier to keep the customers attention by being short and to the point. In a way, you’re respecting peoples precious time and patience. At Numagoo we can create content for both your website and blogs. Our experienced content writer can turn your visions into unique high quality content. For more information complete the contact form or call 0161 639 0225.