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The Importance of Building a Community for Your Business

23rd October 2013 Posted by numagoo

The notion of building a community has been at the heart of the internet since it began. In business terms, it is important to build a strong community of brand advocates. Whether you are running a holiday firm, law firm, financial service or business.

Your Brand

Whether you are positioning your brand as something credible, trustworthy or customer service oriented, one thing is certain, people are attracted to businesses that actively brand themselves.

Social Media

On top of this, an active social media community is more important today than ever before.  By businesses adapting to the culture of the internet they are providing the consumer with the ability to interact with one another in addition to the company, allowing the business to build new and stronger relationships with the customers.


By creating strong online communities businesses will be able to build customer loyalty which would hopefully turn into strong economic returns. How you are viewed on social media platforms can determine a customer choosing to buy your product. Social media takes time to build up but, even an active platform showing blog posts, articles, images creates an interest around your company. An online community allows your customer to be much more than a consumer but a part of a bigger movement.

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