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Social media as a Business Tool

17th October 2013 Posted by numagoo

Social media culture and social networking platforms are having a major impact on businesses communication, practices and processes.  They now account for nearly a quarter of the total time spent on the internet. Social media has grown rapidly over the past five years. One example to show this, today nearly 4 in 5 active internet users visit social networks and blogs and close to 40% of social media users access social media content from their mobile phone. When social media is used skilfully by a business it builds online presence and a community around your brand. It enables you to advertise to potential new customers and give them things to read and get involved in (competitions and debates) .What you post on social media is focused around your products and your companies cultures.

This boom in social media is the prime time to engage with your customers and promote your business. Buyers are absorbing information at a rate faster than ever before. As a business you need to be aware of this. The winner in all this will be the business who embraces the new models of communication and build a strong healthy productive social communities.

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