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Print Design & Management

Print Design & Management

Eye catching print design is still an important part of the communication tool.


Despite the digital revolution, eye catching print design is still an important part of communication.

The team at Numagoo will work with you to develop print design such as, brochures, flyers, packaging, posters and newsletters to make you stand out from the crowd.


Since the advent of the internet a myth has circulated that “print is dead”. There was a slight lull when businesses started to go online and websites numbered a few thousand. However, there are now millions of websites and you may have noticed that some companies have begun to advertise their Website URLs on TV. There is a simple reason for this. For example, if there are 10,000 electricians in London, they can’t all be on the first page of Google!


Since few small and medium sized businesses can afford a sustained TV advertising campaign many rely on the traditional and trusted method of PRINT media. At Numagoo we appreciate that print is still very much alive and works well running alongside digital marketing.


Leaflet, brochures, drop cards, direct mail, packaging and promotional products with eye catching print design and colours, still grab attention.


Direct Mail

Many years ago the sheer volume of junk mail pushed through letter boxes would lead to recipients dumping it in the bin unread. Marketing agencies came up with more and more imaginative ways to get people to open the envelope. Window envelopes were great because coins or keys could be stuck on a card or letter then placed inside the envelope showing the object. This would guarantee an envelope was opened and a copywriter would make sure that the first paragraph of a letter was so interesting that recipients wanted to read more.


Numagoo ensures that your mail drop reaches the right audience, and stands the best chance of being read. This may take the form of an object in an envelope or even a message in a bottle that influences people to visit your website or contact you.


Direct mail campaigns are simple to execute. Numagoo researches demographics, acquires a relevant up to date mailing list and tracks your sales.


Print media doesn’t have to be expensive

Print media marketing produces a much quicker result than for example, social media where time has to be spent acquiring followers and developing a community. Printed leaflets, drop cards and direct mail campaigns are much simpler because instead of building your audience you are buying it via a rented list of consumers that have already shown an interest in your product or service.


Print interacts with digital media

A printed leaflet placed in someone’s hand with an invitation to learn more by scanning its QR code with their smartphone demonstrates just how advanced digital marketing technology has become. What they have in their hand is digitally interactive, allowing customers to access maximum information and to track it if required.


Despite living in a digitally orientated world there is still something alluring about printed literature that is attractively designed. Call us today on 0161 639 0225 to learn more about our Print Design Services.

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