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Magento Hosting AWS (Amazon Web Server) Specialists

Attention Magento website owners!


If you are the proud owner of a Magento website you will know there is nothing more frustrating than a slow loading site. Shoppers will leave slow loading online stores for fast loading competitor sites in seconds!

Numagoo offers fast Magento Hosting on AWS (Amazon Web Server). Your pages will take no longer than 1 seconds to load.

Our affordable cloud-based hosting services keep businesses thriving in the hundreds of thousands. And more importantly, drive sales as more and more customers return time and again.

Here’s what you get if you choose us as your Magento hosting provider:


Hosting and Support


Specialist, professional Magento experts, offering the best support in the industry who are always available to help. We are passionate about Magento with a motto of “there are no problems, only solutions.”


Amazon Web Server Specialists


Consultation services for clients who want the benefits of Magento Cloud Hosting. From start-up business customers with the lowest budgets to large corporations needing full management, we can offer any level of service required.


Super-Fast Magento Hosting


With an HPS (High Performance Stack) utilising the type of lightweight components commonly found in high performance social media platforms, we offer the perfect optimisation for Magento Hosting.


Zero cost Migration


Moving to the Numagoo Managed Cloud Server is simple and it’s free. You will not be expected to do it yourself, our experts will happily migrate your entire store from your existing hosting provider.


Fully Management Service


Whilst you maintain complete control of your Magento server, we ensure that you are fully supported with updates and any fix/patches that may be necessary. You have the additional confidence that we handle all monitoring alerts taking the appropriate action as first-responder.


State of the Art Technology


Numagoo is inspired by the most advanced technology and we make it our business to know what is new and upcoming. We pass these products and services onto our clients, being the best we can be as the ultimate in Magento Web Hosting provision.

Costing and Plans


Commencing at £49 /Month you get a reliable, first class Magento Management service. This includes monitoring, updating and any fixes/patches necessary.

Join Numagoo today and get the support you deserve from our dedicated and highly qualified Magento team. Click here to get a free demo of your site on our HPS.

Your Free Demo


To start the free demo we will need some details from you. Be assured we are not data collectors and only require such information that will allow us to upload your files!

We are happy to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) a copy of which can be downloaded on this page. When amended please return it

We will be able to transfer your files much faster if you supply us with your SSH.

Please send us a zipped file of your online store and database (as a single file if possible) If you only have FTP access.

You can expect to see the free demo within 48 hours, sometimes sooner.

Please give us a call to discuss on +44 161 639 0225 we currently host websites globally.