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Mobile Apps and Bespoke Development

Mobile Apps and Bespoke Development

Almost everyone today uses mobile apps.  They make a positive difference to people’s lives, making it easier to perform virtually any task from their phones.

If you think that mobile apps are only for big brands, think again! More and more small and medium businesses are recognising that a mobile responsive website is not the only tool necessary to join the mobile revolution!

Numagoo mobile app designers will work with you to develop a unique app that will be available to your customers 24/7.  UK adults spend almost two and a half hours on their mobile devices, unlocking, scrolling and scanning for apps. During this process yours will be visible even if they are not actually looking for it! Since our minds subconsciously retain every image, your unique app icon needs to be outstanding.

Apps create direct marketing channels

Mobile apps perform an almost limitless range of functions including the provision of:

  • General Information
  • News Feeds
  • Booking forms
  • Messengers
  • Search features
  • User Accounts

Numagoo will ensure that your business mobile app provides your customers with all the information they need.  Your next Blue Cross Sales or new product launch will be accessible at the touch of a screen. This means more direct interaction with your customers.

Loyalty programmes

Throw away all those stamps for loyalty point collection cards. Your customers can collect them on your smartphone loyalty app for Android or iPhone.  Providing value in this way will result in more downloads and more repeat business. You’ll never have to worry about Wowcher or Groupon stealing your customers again!

Brand awareness

Mobile apps are like blank billboards. You can develop them in any way you want. Apps can have style, be shocking, functional or informative. However, the best way to wow your customers is to provide them with features that they want.  Branding and design are also crucial to the success of an app.


With your unique mobile app your customers will always be able to communicate with you. How much better will it be to receive hundreds of texts rather than hundreds of phone calls?

If you would like to make your customers’ lives easier or learn more about Numagoo Mobile App Design and Development Services call us today on 0161 639 0225.

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