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4 Reasons to Introduce a Business Blog

3rd June 2017 Posted by numagoo

Many businesses ask, ‘We’ve already got a website, so why do we need a business blog too?‘ Blogs are becoming increasingly important to represent your brand or business on the internet. As a business, there are many benefits to embracing a content marketing strategy.

Here are 4 reasons why you should really think about introducing a business blog

  1. A blog loses the faceless corporate image and presents a softer more accessible side.
  2. With a business blog, you personify the business and customers feel like part of the ‘bigger picture’.
  3. Blogs build a brand buzz. It gets people interested in what is happening within the business.
  4. Blogs give you a platform to promote the successes of your business.  It can act as an extra channel for sales. There is no need to force sales, a blog offers the opportunity to ease potential customers into position in their own times.

The traditional ‘hard sell’ has become a thing of the past. It is a marketing tool that you can measure. Visits to the blog, traffic sources and comment frequency can all be measured, compared and analysed. Normally it can be quite hard to measure the buzz around a brand or product. Yet, modern blogging platforms allow for a complete breakdown of visits, visitor activity and page popularity.

If reading this has made you feel like your business would benefit from a blog but, your current website design is unable to have a blog or you don’t have the expertise to create posts – then get in touch with Numagoo so that we can do the hard work for you.