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Problems With Unresponsive Web Design

8th October 2013 Posted by numagoo

It is becoming more and more common for customers to use smart phones and tablets to access the internet instead of the traditional desktop computer. For companies website to transform to a mobile device they need a responsive website design. Here we have listed problems with unresponsive websites being accessed by smart phones or tablets.

Difficult to navigate – This could be seen as the main problem for unresponsive websites. As they are not built with mobiles in mind, the main navigation menus do not appear in the mobile viewer, or if they do they don’t render clearly. Meaning website visitors cannot offer the information you are offering them – scary thought !

Images do not fit – Previously images and graphics were fine when they took up 800px width but, now smartphone view ports are less than 400px wide. Large images will only be partially visible. This looks very unprofessional and can put your customer off visiting your website again.

Requires too much scroll, pinch and zoom – Your textual content can also be a bit too much, both in how it’s set on the page and just being too long, requiring your visitors to waste their time scrolling and scrolling. The amount of text is especially important when your customer is accessing the site via a mobile device. In some cases, some of your normal website content which may not be essential information can be coded to not appear at all on the mobile devices.

Is your website guilty of any of these issues? If so it means your visitors (potential customers) will most likely give up and look for your product or service elsewhere. Perhaps on a website that is responsive? Responsive website design allows your website to adapt to whichever platform its being viewed in. It is purpose built to be adaptable and accessible to visitors using mobile platforms.  At Numagoo we only create responsive websites as we understand the importance of internet access by smart phones and tablets. If you are interested in responsive web design and would like to talk to us about it. We are happy to help, contact us via the contact tab or ring 0161 639 0225 to find out more.