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How Numagoo can Help You Plan and Share Content.

11th February 2014 Posted by numagoo

Numagoo can help you plan and share content to strengthen your online presence. Often customers mainly struggle with social media because they have a lack of time to write a blog post, share content or unsure of what to post.

At Numagoo we can create a strategy for social media engagement, we discuss with the customer what direction they wish to go in and then implement a social media and blog strategy unique to their business. Put simply, content marketing is critical to business development. Its a great way to engage with customers and create a business image. Without a steady stream of content on social media platforms you are missing out of the opportunity to connect with your audience.  We understand the time needed to maintain a successful social media strategy can be difficult to uphold for a busy business. That’s where Numagoo can help. Currently we work alongside a range of businesses, implementing a successful social media strategy. We weekly discuss with the clients their desired posts and blog topics for the week and create an editorial calendar. Sharing a copy with the customer so they know when to expect what posts. We interact with potential customers and keep the client informed throughout. We also offer analytics reports with details information on followers, influence, clicks and engagement.

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