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25th March 2014 Posted by numagoo

Businesses need to encompass every area of online marketing in order to build a strong online foundation. At Numagoo we have defined 4 areas of marketing that all businesses should address:

1.Design. High Visibility across all online sites and a unified brand presence is key. Whether your focus is regional or global, you need to build a solid, cross-platform strategy that ensures a good first impression and communicate a clear, brand centred message. You should pay special attention to your brand name, logo design and website design.

2.SEO. As annoying as it can be Search Engine Optimisation is a necessary component of a healthy online presence. On-Page and Off-page SEO helps increase reach, engagement and brand awareness.

3.Content. The content on your site should be interesting and up to date. Should clearly state your services. Blogging is the ideal way to provide more information, engage with customers and add value to your product and business.

4.Social Media. Social Media is where the majority of brand awareness, social sharing and brand-centred discussions occur. Businesses you can use popular sites such as Facebook and Twitter as a platform to reach customers. Professional sites such as LinkedIn and Google+ are great ways to meet other businesses.

As it business it can be difficult to find the time to cover all these areas. Here at Numagoo we can help clients achieve the most out of internet marketing. To find out more call 0161 639 0225.