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Online consistency.

2nd April 2014 Posted by numagoo

Consistency is an important aspect of any successful business, this includes online consistency. Online business branding starts with the company’s website and continues to other social media, blogs and e-mail marketing. The website should be consistent with the businesses message and target market, this can mean the colour scheme, font and graphics. Additional content and blogs should all link back to the business, this helps build the original brand.  With social media it is important that there is consistency with posts. There is no point to be inundated with posts one month and then have a stale account the following month. It is much better to organise and schedule your posts so a healthy amount of content is always flowing. This shows potential customers you take care of your social media platforms and are easy to contact. Further to this you need to decide on a brand icon to represent you throughout the internet. You want viewers to be able to connect different online pages with one brand. It also helps your brand to appear professional and streamlined. It goes without saying that all contact information and business details should be the same on all platforms. Online marketing should be consistent in its presentation and message, whether thats on the site, social media or blog. All these factors together create a strong memorable business.

Unsure if as a business you have the time or knowledge to commit to online consistency, Numagoo is here to help. If you want to learn more complete the contact form and we’ll get back to you.