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Is Your Website a Mobile Money Making Machine?

7th January 2016 Posted by numagoo

In April 2015 we posted a blog about the release of a new, Google mobile friendly update change that could cause reduced traffic to websites that were not mobile friendly.  Google made this change due to the increase in consumers using mobile devices to access the internet for information, online purchasing of products and services, checking out reviews; reserving hotel rooms and restaurant tables as well as ordering fast food and groceries to be delivered to their door. In this article, we will discuss how to change your website into a mobile money making machine.

The algorithm effectively placed mobile friendly websites higher in search results (on mobile devices) than those that weren’t mobile responsive, meaning that many businesses not only lost traffic but also sales to competitors whose sites met all the requirements.

An Unresponsive Website will annoy potential customers

In recent years it’s always been important to have a mobile responsive website but now it is essential because it’s a ranking factor in Google.

Mobile devices are now such a large part of our lives that businesses must adapt their websites if they are to benefit from the millions of mobile purchases made every day.  And it’s not just the Google algorithm that will adversely affect your traffic but also today’s highly discerning mobile users.  Almost 50% of mobile users become irritated with unresponsive websites and that frustration can damage your brand, your sales and possibly potential customers abandoning your business altogether. This assumes that they find your website at all, given that Google indicates which websites are mobile responsive in a search. If your website hasn’t got the Google “mobile friendly” label the chances are mobile users won’t even look at it.

Has your website traffic reduced since April 2015?

If you’ve notice a significant drop in traffic since April it’s more than likely that you don’t have an unresponsive website. It may be that you need a new website or just a makeover. Numagoo has all the skills to solve your problems with the least amount of fuss.  We can build you an affordable new mobile friendly website and in many cases overhaul your existing one so that it is perfectly optimised and responsive across the full range of mobile devices.

We can transform your website into a mobile money making machine ensuring that you have the best opportunity to get your market share of sales.

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