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Google Mobile Search And Rankings

6th December 2016 Posted by numagoo

Google have been increasing their use of mobile friendly websites as a way of organically ranking websites. 

Why Google Mobile Search is an important factor. Since April 21st, 2015 Google have been increasing their use on mobile friendly sites and responsiveness as a way of being able to organically rank websites. It’s made a change to a lot of different searches including ones using other languages, according to Google it has made a significant impact on search results over the past year.

In May this year, Google rolled out their second phase of a mobile-friendly update to its browser. It’s “technically” meant to increase the effect of the [mobile-friendly] ranking signal. Regardless to how Google published its new tool many people are feeling let down by how slow the update is.

If you already have a mobile responsive website, then you will already know the benefits of ranking well. Web sites that are not mobile responsive will be less likely to rank highly within mobile search. For the time being that shouldn’t be a problem because their desktop search results shouldn’t be affected.

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