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Good Branding = Good Business.

11th March 2014 Posted by numagoo

Your brand is your promise to your current and prospectus clients and customers. Its an indication of what they should expect from your services and products, importantly it differentiates you and your services from the competition. Simply, your brand reflects who you are, how you would like to be perceived and what your customers expect of you.

Your brand is your business. You need to ask yourself are you a free spirited business or traditional consistent option? Is your product or service the expensive, high quality option or the cheap high value? Who you aim to be boils down to who your targets audience is and what they require you to be.

A successful brand promise is conveyed consistently by everything a consumer observes

1)Company name and logo

2)Articles and public relations related to your company

3)Your Website

4)Your advertising and signage

5)Your Social Media platforms.

A customer should be able to recognise your business by its brand. This is achieved through consistency and a strong brand strategy. The main downfall for many brands is the inability to achieve consistency.

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