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Finding our inner calm with Feng Shui

20th June 2013 Posted by numagoo

The layout of your office can really affect the way you work, and the energy in the room. Is Feng Shui just spiritual rubbish or can a successful workplace be created using the laws of spacial arrangement?

In the Numagoo office, we have decided to put it to the test and arrange the office based on some of Feng Shui ideas. Many elements of Feng Shui are more suited to the dediacted spiritual believer- such as symolic objects and removal of mirros to banish negative energies. However, there are some rules that make alot of sense, and we probably do quite alot of these without thinking.


The DO’s and DO NOT’s

DO NOT sit with your back to the door, ideally you should have a good view of the door and windows from your desk.

DO command the room with the position of your desk- it should be placed with solid walls behind it (never sit with your back to long corridors or open spaces, this can make you feel insecure)

DO NOT have a messy desk, keep unused items in drawers- a tidy desk, a tidy min as they say.

DO make sure you have enough natural and artificial lighting- up lighting is best as it directs the “chi” upwards and is uplifting.


The North section of the room encourages progress and ambition, aids quick thinking and decision making and the Northwest especially represents the boss’s space- ideal if you are a CEO, MD or high level manager.
The South is a good area if you work in sales or the media, as the energy here helps you to promote yourself and represents sociability, reputation and communication.

The idea of Feng Shui is quite interesting, and we will see if the new office arrangement will affect our creative energies and success… lets hope it works!