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Digital Marketing for Business Websites

5th May 2016 Posted by numagoo

Numagoo offers nationwide design and digital marketing services but this year our team in Manchester has been extremely busy creating Business Websites for desktop and mobile devices.

As quickly as technology progresses, consumers embrace it at the same speed and this is particularly true of the smartphone.  In the last couple of years smartphone sales have doubled and now represent 85% of new mobile phone purchases.

Smartphones have become an integral part of daily life for many people and it is clear that business websites must focus its efforts on mobile marketing since a large percentage of existing and potential customers will, without a doubt, be using their smartphones to make purchases and gather information about products and services.   However, bringing your business up to date with mobile marketing can be confusing if you don’t know best practice and what to consider when deciding on what you should change, and how much to invest in this most important of all digital marketing strategies.

Google suggests that businesses should consider:

Business websites and how mobile changes the value proposition

The possibilities are endless – when your customers are using their smartphones to interact with your business 24/7 no matter their location.  They can access your business from home, on a train, at work and even on a plane.  They can order a takeaway, a taxi and even book a last minute hotel room by using business mobile apps.

A prime example of how one business has grasped the concept of their basic value proposition can be seen in, promoting their mobile website to business travellers which allow them to rapidly and simply book rooms.

No matter which business you are in the key to successful mobile marketing is to understand what your customers want or are likely to do with your business while using a mobile device.

How does mobile impact on digital destinations?

Business websites need to be optimised for mobile. If yours isn’t, today’s discerning mobile consumers will not only fail to recommend your business (57%) but 40% will almost certainly purchase from your competitors. Hence, if you want to engage mobile consumers you need to make your website mobile friendly (Responsive design), not just for visual appeal on a much smaller device than a desktop but also for ease of use.  Being able to find your products and services quickly, using the site to order online and getting to the checkout quickly are your top priorities.  The more obstacles that are placed in the customers’ way, the more likely they are to move on to a competitor.

Is your organisation adapting to mobile?

Whilst this may seem a simple question, the answer to it requires consultation with everyone in your organisation.  All team members need to have an input because what might be a great digital strategy for one business may not be the right strategy for yours.  Appointing one person to gather information on what your teams believe would work well for the launch of your responsive site, and which apps would be useful to your customers, will save a great deal of time.  Discussing this with a business website agency that is qualified and experienced in digital marketing will greatly enhance your chance of success. And just as importantly find out what your customers would like by conducting surveys or having focus meetings.

Look at what your competitors are doing, and having studied and discussed all of the information that has been gathered, see what you can do to improve on their efforts.

Business Websites Team

Would you like to know how your marketing and attribution should adapt to mobile or how you can connect with multi-screening audiences?  For more information on adapting your business to the vast potential of responsive business websites at an affordable price contact us or call our Team on  0161 639 0225.