We used an eye catching design with lots of colour for this ecommerce website which offers Whiteboards, Notice Boards, Glassboards, a variety of presentation aids including Projector Screens, Touch Screens, Display Frames and Banners and a number of other display items.


Due to a change in business strategy, our client needed a complete design overhaul for their existing website to drive sales and conversions through their e-commerce platform while reducing admin workload and streamlining back-office systems to improve service to customers and enable staff to focus on delivering the new company sales strategies.


The new features delivered an improved service for customers and a more commercial website saw a 203% increase in ecommerce revenue year on year and 97% of new customer accounts in 2016 were generated via the new web platform. The bespoke price calling by customer enabled both trade and retail customers to be serviced from the same website, reducing paperwork and manual processing without sacrificing customer satisfaction.Internal processes were streamlined, resulting in fewer dispatch and manufacturing errors and customer returns and shorter lead times. The admin load for back office staff was significantly reduced while simultaneously improving the customer experience, meaning that staff were released to drive the change in business strategy and focus on growth for the company.

What our client said

Our historic business processes were complicated and time consuming; Numagoo were with us every step of the way, working seamlessly with software providers to develop a solution that worked for our retail customers, our trade customers and our staff with a single web development. Our systems are now streamlined and modern and save countless man hours every month.
Phil and the team were professional and patient throughout the process as internal systems changed the scope of the job multiple times during development. I never felt like our project was anything other than the top priority for Numagoo and I couldn't be happier with the website and the growth for the company that it has driven and continues to drive.


Louise Willams Teacherboards