Saddleworth Golf Club


Saddleworth Golf Club was established in 1904, it has preserved the beauty of its land for over 100 years. When designing the website we wanted the golf club to still remain as what it stood for 100 years ago, but still being able to bring it into the modern age.


Our clients recognised that for their business to flourish in modern times that they had to be apart of the game. They needed something that not only looked good but was simple to use and straight to the point. The client wanted to make sure that the beauty of grounds and what the golf club stood for was incorporated in all the designs.


The website redesign improved the whole outlook of Saddleworth Club, we used drone footage to express the grounds in a way we knew the client would be more than happy with. Keeping to a very simple layout and colour scheme has helped usability on the site a great amount being much easier to use for its target audience.

What our client said

Numagoo has worked exceptionally hard to deliver a website that we are happy and proud of, we think they have captured the heart of what the golf club stands for and represents. They were quick and efficient with the work they produced keeping us in the loop at all times. Phil and his team have built a great relationship with us, adding their own personal touch has made this experience very enjoyable. We look forward to working together in the upcoming future.


Ian Bolton Saddleworth Golf Club