North Wales Caravans

Multi-site web build, custom back office software suite and digital marketing management.


Increase in organic traffic


Increase in website conversions

Exponential increase in productivity across internal teams

The Challenge:

With a busy sales office and an operational team running three large holiday parks, our client needed a digital partner that could not only take care of their customer facing digital assets; they needed a digital transformation that would streamline their internal systems.

With no CRM in place to collect and nurture leads and an internal sales process that was paper based and cumbersome, our client needed an end-to-end solution that would grow their business by increasing traffic and conversions but also relieve pressure on sales and operations teams by collecting and categorising leads into a bespoke sales funnel.

In addition to this, our client needed a suite of internal systems that would allow them to create contracts and sales documents, streamline day-to-day operations across several holiday parks and track and protect their financial data.

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The Solution

Our strategic team delved deep into customer profiling, keyword research and competitor analysis to scope out a multi-site web build that would attract the right traffic and convert it into leads via a series of dedicated sales funnels and CTAs.

This was combined with a digital strategy that would enable our clients to rank on page 1 for their target terms, strengthen PPC conversion rates and funnel leads directly from Facebook and Instagram without relying on website visits.

Alongside this, our developers and technical team set to work designing a suite of systems including:

  • A bespoke CRM that collects and categorises leads based on source across all website properties, social media and a variety of third-party sites and services.
  • A sales software system that generates contracts and associated documentation, tracks deal stage and enables financial reporting
  • An operations system that allows internal teams to create and track tasks relating to different parks, plots and customers as well as keep on top of individual workloads with a system of automated alerts and email notifications.


Our digital marketing team took control of SEO, PPC, CRO and social media activity and worked closely with our design and copywriting teams to deliver a full managed, integrated marketing solution that covers everything from physical signage and banners to website conversion sprints.

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The Result

A brand new website, structured around keyword groups and targeting traffic at different points in the customer journey resulted in a 214% increase in organic traffic and consistent A/B testing and cyclical CRO sprints improved conversion rates by 322%.

Social media reach increased to over 10,000 active Facebook followers with Facebook chat-bot integration and custom Facebook lead forms turning social channels into a powerful lead-generation tool.

The entire business, from sales and finance to day-to-day operations, is now run online through a custom designed software suite, tailored to the specific needs of each team. Productivity across all teams has improved and inefficiencies created by human error have been reduced in every area of the business.

Ultimately, our solution delivered significant and sustained growth alongside an infrastructure that ensured the client was able to maximise the return from the increased traffic and conversions.

Numagoo built and maintain 5 of our websites as well as a bespoke CRM and several back office systems which have vastly improved our sales processes ad customer interactions. Numagoo manages all of our website development plus all of our digital marketing. Numagoo has the personal touch missing from most agencies. We are incredibly pleased with the way that Numagoo has improved our bottom line and put the same effort into our business as they do into their own.”

Oliver Seldon
– North Wales Caravans