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Branding Promotes Recognition

8th June 2017 Posted by numagoo

Ever wondered why so many people prefer Kellogg’s breakfast cereal?  Kelloggs UK sales average around £600 million a year and £9.8 billion worldwide.  Naturally, it’s because they sell quality products but they are a perfect example of how branding promotes recognition. People recognise the Brand and associate it with high quality.  Every business should promote recognition of its brand in the same way. Obviously, small businesses don’t have the budget that multi billion corporations do but from small acorns, large oak trees grow. Numagoo can provide affordable solutions for Brand design, promotion and recognition.

Your Brand sets you apart from competitors

In the current worldwide marketplace, with just about anything being available to purchase online, it’s vital that your business stands out from the crowd.  Your competition is no longer local, it’s global and your competitors can be numbered in thousands.  So how can your business compete in the global economy?

First impressions count

From the colours and design of your logo to how incoming calls are handled by your staff, it’s all part of your Branding and lets your clients know exactly the type of business you are.  These elements and more should be promoting the right image.

Branding motivates and directs your personnel

Your employees will achieve more if you have a clear Brand strategy that shows them how to behave, how to be successful and how to meet the aims of your business.

Increased referrals

Whether it’s the latest Apple iPhone or the most expensive Nike trainers people love to brag about a new acquisition. Wherever you look you see Branding on clothes and food, people listening to or talking about Brands. The more your Brand is talked about and seen, the stronger it becomes and referrals that once were a trickle quickly flood in. If you want to increase referrals or traffic to your website, you need a strong brand design and image.

Strong Branding saves your customers’ time

In a world full of discerning shoppers, many people look for reviews of a product or service that they intend to buy.  When customers’ recognise a strong Brand, they have no need to read reviews because they already know the quality they can expect.

These are just a few benefits of creating, developing and promoting your own Brand. Want to learn more? Contact us today to find out more about our Brand Design Services and particularly, what we can do to make your business stand out from the crowd.