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Battle of the Arts

12th September 2013 Posted by numagoo

Manchester is drenched in street art, exhibitions and music. Tonight sees a new spectator sport comes to Manchester – live competitive painting. There is only one location this event can take place. Manchester’s creative hub – The Northern Quarter. 2022NQ will be tonight’s host.  The brave artists will have only 30 minutes to create their winning masterpiece while 200 visitors will watch the art evolve. This is an interactive event with the audience choosing which artists should progress to the grand final at the end of each round. The artists from all over the UK are an electric mix of different styles.  The idea of the event is that the closeness of the audience alongside the friendly rivalry between artists will fuel creative motivation and beautiful pieces of art.

One of the competitors is Chorlton based artist Danny Cawley, known as the owner of Manchester’s biggest collection of kagools. Danny was heavily involved in manchester’s graffiti scene in the 1980s. His art reflects this love of graffiti and a fascination with colour. The abstract artist uses aerosol spray, varnishes and dyes, gloss, acrylics, oils, emulsions and lots of water to create rich depth, texture and colour in his work.  This Mancunian will be an exhilarating artist to watch in action tonight.

Another artist signed up is Graham Hudson. Graham describes his art as both hectic and charged yet at other times calm and reflective. He also doubles up as creative programmes manager at local charity Mustard Tree.  Mustard Tree currently works with 1,400 homeless in Greater Manchester helping to rebuild lives through the channel of art. All proceeds from tonight’s events will be split between the artists and Mustard Tree.

Due to the fast response by the art lovers of Manchester this event has now sold out.  If you want to hear more about the event and the other artists taking part  please visit;


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