Phishing Scam

7th December 2016 Posted by numagoo

The latest phishing scam. 

An update about the latest phishing scam for hackers to gain our personal information and details. If you’ve not been warned about it already or seen it on the news here’s what your needing to watch out for.

Hackers are using big brand names to hide behind, sending emails that look legitimate asking people to change personal details such as passwords, credit card details and bank account numbers that you might already have an account for. An example scammers are hiding behind The Greater Manchester Police, sending emails of intended prosecution for things such as speeding and asking you to click to check “photograph data”.

If you’re in a big business there are many ways you can prevent your employees from falling into this trap. There are many different companies out there with the sole purpose to prevent this from happening because the results can be devastating.